About Kdz Tattoos

KDz TATTOOs was my dream which was realized after 4 years of dedicated tattooing. The art of tattoo making came to me naturally, it was a progression from the paper pencil sketches that i made since childhood.

We have state of the art tattoo studios in Rajouri Garden, New Delh and DLF Phase 3, Block S, Gurgaon. (Newdelhi tattoo studio). (Tattoo studio in New Delhi) Top tattoo studio in Delhi, Gurgaon tattoo studio)

A good tattoo artist needs to have a spark within him and Mr. Warman helped to ignite the spark in me. When you desire to get a  tattoo, you undergo a long process of visualization and when that is realized it’s a joy that knows no bounds. I always strive to bring that one impeccable smile on client’s face, which speaks of their satisfaction.

We at KDz offer customization of designs, you can always walk in with any concept and we would confidently shape it into reality.

At KDzTATTOOs Body Studio, we take hygiene and safety very seriously. Tattoo artists work with needles and human blood. It is critical that when you are choosing a studio, that you consider the health practices of your potential artist.

We never reuse ink or needles. For every client and every tattoo we use a new sterile needle which is immediately discarded in a bio hazard-safe container after our work is finished.

We sterilize all of our equipment with an autoclave, which is a machine used by hospitals, doctors and dentists to sterilize their equipment to insure bacteria, germ and disease-free instruments. After the equipment is sterilized, each piece is placed in a new, clean bag, and is stored in the autoclave until the next tattoo.

We always use latex gloves and we use new ink in small individual containers. We always use a disposable instrument to dispense Vaseline.

We also disinfect our work surface (our tattoo table or arm stand) and then seal it with plastic before you are positioned for your tattoo.

We urge you, no matter where you choose to get your tattoo, to go with a studio that has an autoclave. This is the best insurance against the spread of germs and disease.

We welcome any questions about our health practices or tattoo health in general.

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