Bobby hails from Assam. She is married and has specially come to pursue her dreams to Delhi. She has picked up very well. She is currently working with us. She is very particular about the fine lines in tattoos.
Bobby – Silchar, Assam

Richie is from Punjab. He wants to settle in Canada. He would like to continue with his studies in Canada and would like to do tattoos in his free time. He has plans to open his studio in Canada.
Parinderjit (Richie) – Hoshiarpur

Biprashish works with ICICI at a managerial level. He is a fast learner. His first tattoo was a shaded cross. Has understood the concept of tattooing well. I wish him all the best for his future.
Biprashish – Assam

Joey is a fun loving guy. Electrifies the studio environment with his jokes. He is a quick learner. Has decided to make his career in tattooing. He has made some amazing tattoos.
Joey Tawmbing – Mannipur

Aman is a very stylish hair and make-up artist. His aim was to open his sallon, along with a tattoo parlour. He is has achieved his dream. Now he is running a saloon
Amanjot Singh – Ludhiana

Neel is one gem of a person. He is exceptionally well mannered, talented and patient. His ability to understand a design and client’s requirement is accurate. His aim is to open a studio in orissa.
Sandip Kumar (Neel) – Orrisa

Brij hails from Gaziabad. He is an undergrduate. He always wanted to do what he enjoys. He has completed his course and joined KDzTattoos for more experience.
Brij Mohan Yadav – Gaziabad

Parminder is a very talented person. She is an expert hair – stylist. She is an exceptionally talented makeup artist. Now she decides to have another feather to her cap; she is now a tattooist. Her grey-wash tattoos are really breathtaking.
Parminder Kaur – Chandigarh

 Kamal works with Parminder. He is an expert when it comes to Hair styling and Body make-up. Good personality and has learnt tattooing with focused attitude.
Kamal Prabhakar – Chandigarh

Amanpreet runs his own studio in Rani Bagh. Though he is busy with his family business, however, he still wants take out time to pursue his hobby. Great going!!
Amanpreet Singh Malhotra – Delhi

Vikram used to run Fashion Terminal showroom. His love towards the art brought him at KDz.
Vikram Bhamra – Delhi

Dhruv has worked in a lot of companies. His ardent love towards sketching has brought
Dhruv – Delhi

Madan is running a successful saloon in Bhopal. He wanted to give something new to his clients.

He encashed his love towards art and added a huge value to his existing business.
Madan Parihar – Bhopal

 Ravina is a person who loves to learn new things. She has completed a lot courses, both long and short term.
She is pretty good at sketching.
Ravinder Kour – Calcutta

Ashutosh assists his uncle in his saloon business. He has started learning tattoos to add a lot of value to their existing business.
Ashutosh – Amritsar

It is a challenging task to describe him in one word. He is an awesome person to work with. He is mature, wise, patient and a fast learner. His work is mind blowing. I wish him all the best for his very own tattoo studio.
Deepak – Rajkot, Gujrat

Amita is a super mom. She takes care of her family, saloon business.

She has picked up the instructions so quickly and gave best results.

She has opened her own studio in Jaipur. Best of  luck.
Amita Maquana – Jaipur

Kunal is a Delhi based businessman. His job required designing. He utilized his skill and became a tattooist. He is exceptionally well mannered and dedicated.
Kunal – Delhi

Paras is from Delhi and has decided to take up tattoos as his profession. He has a chirpy and pleasant personality.
Paras – Delhi

Naren hails from Bihar. He is very ambitious and hard working.
Naren – Bihar

Rinku is from Orissa. He is a friendly person. He prefers to spend most  of the time sketching.
Rinku  – Orissa

SRI has opened his own studio in Hyderabad. This guy is totally obsessed with sketching. He always wanted to do something different and creative.
CH Srikanth – Hyderabad

This guy with loads of patience. He kept churning out various religious designs during his training at KDz Tattoos. Finally his mission to open a studio is accomplished.
Miraj Khalasi – Surat

Gagan is an extreamly focused person. He has recently opened his studio.

He enjoys making tattoos on his customers.
Gagan – Delhi

Tushar is a quick learner. His aim was to open a lot of studios in Delhi. He has started with one. We wish him all the best for his future endevours.

Tushar – Delhi

Arun’s brother runs a boutique which caters t

Arun Goud K – Hyderabad

Fahd Mohammad – Delhi

Dev Ravi – Calcutta

Anshuman Dhar – Calcutta

Shadab Kasim – Mumbai

Kamal Sanga- Amritsar

Jagdeep Shokeen-Gurgaon

Naresh Kumar – Delhi

Donbok – Shilong

Gaurav – Delhi




Poonam Anand- Gaziabad


Damanpreet- Delhi 


Sandeep Goel – Delhi


Ali Kieth – Delhi


Preetam – Bangalore March’11


Aaron – March’11


Juhi – Feb’11


Virender – Gujrat Feb’11


Sanjeev – Punjab Jan’11


Ron – Bhutan Jan’11


Pooja – Calcutta Dec’10


Atul – Lucknow Feb’11


Robby – Ludhiana Dec’10


Akash AKKi – Allahbad Dec’10


Hardik, popularly known as Hardy hails from Gujrat. He went to London for his studies.

He has gain some experience back in London.

He know wants to open a studio in Gujrat.

He pays a lot of attention to the minute details  and is a fast learner.

You can see him in the studio engrossed in his own creation with complex detailing.

Below are his initial tattoos at KDzTATTOOs.Hardik, popularly known as Hardy hails from Gujrat. He went to London for his studies.

He has gain some experience back in London.

He know wants to open a studio in Gujrat.

He pays a lot of attention to the minute details  and is a fast learner.

You can see him in the studio engrossed in his own creation with complex detailing.

Below are his initial tattoos at KDzTATTOOs.


Hardik – Gujrat Nov’10

Jignesh or Jigs too comes from Gujrat. He and Hardy were together in London for studies. They have worked together in London.

JIgs wants to open a studio in his home town.
Currently is is undergoing tattoo training with us.

He is inclined towards shade tattoos and sketches a lot.

His dedication towards the art is commendable.

Please find some of his initial tattoos below.

Naren Singh


Vivek – Kurr Nov’10

Santhosh – Karnataka Nov’10

Prakash Shahi – Nepal Nov’10

Anil hails from Rajasthan. He is a fine arts student and plans to open a tattoo and fine arts studio.
He is a quite and mature person. Very warm hearted and speaks when required.

He is pretty good grasping instructions.
I wish him all the best for the future.

Anil – Rajhasthan Nov’10

Prerna -Delhi Oct’10

Aakash – Rudrapur Oct’10

Monika -Delhi Oct’10

Satty hails from Punjab, however, he has been in Delhi for more than a decade.
He Works for a buying house in Delhi.

His adulation towards tattoos has brought him here. He observes and researches a lot. And his hard work can be seen in his initial tattoos; which are uploaded below.

A fun loving person who strikes a good balance between learning and fun.  A thorough professional when it comes to a professional conduct.

Satty(Sattyink)- Punjab

Prateek is a doctor by profession and an aspiring tattooist by passion.
He is a physician, a physio therapist. He does hair transplant and weaving; yet he is interested in the art.
A hard worker who has a lot of respect towards art. He likes to churn out a lot of sketches and the stress is laid on the shading aspect of the design.

Prateek – Madhya Pradesh – Jul’10

Dinesh is from Nepal. Popularly known as DK.
He is truly madly deeply in love with sketches. Since he is working in a BPO; he frequently gets a lot of assignments to decorate the floor/bay/multiple offices.

He is a hard worker. Mangaes office and tattoos comfortably.

Dinesh – Nepal – June’10

Shivani is a high-spirited, lively girl. She is obviously a pulse of her gang.

She plays guitar extreamly well. she is a lead singer of her band.

She astonished everyone with her initial tattoos made on her friends. They all were unbelievable. I can say better than most of the artists in Delhi.

Shivani – Dheradun

Tony -Tonnytattooz – Shimla

Arjun Chopra – Delhi

Sunny – Gaziabad


Ankit works with iYogi’s tech department.
He is a multi skilled person, with interest in various fields.

He wanted to get into tattooing long time ago, though he pondered alot, however,  he made the decision to come to us for the training.

His focus on grey wash tattoos is tremendous.

Very hardworking, spends his time wisely to make the most of his precious time.

Please find below his initial tattoos.

Ankit – Delhi

Krishh is a perky, sparkling and a wonderful lady.
She specially flew from Dubai to learn the art.

She is a quick learner and  has grasped very well. She likes to do colorful tattoos.
She plans to do tattooing in Dubai discreatly.

Krish – Dubai

Sarvesh is a sincere and hard working person.
He has made a lot of tattoos on his friends and our customers. All of them were briliant.
His understanding of the art and ability to implement is immaculate.
Very particular about hygiene and cleanliness. He does not spare anyone who goes against the tattoo guidelines/rules 🙂
He now assists me in my studio.

Sarvesh – Delhi

Simmy is our student from Ludhiana. she is very sincere, has got principles. Fantastic person from heart and an extreamly fast learner.
During her tenure with KDz; she has been very earnest, honest and dedicated.
She would practise for hours in the studio; and has made quite a handful of tattoos during he stay.
I wish her all the best for her future endevours.

Simmy – Ludhiana – June’09

Lucky is a quite but sharp guy. He has picked up the art very well.
A hardworking guy with a lot of aspirations
He plans to come to Delhi again, practise more and open his own studio.
I wish him all the luck for his future.

Lucky – Ludhiana – May’10

Dinu is a quite however very sharp person. He has an eye for detail. He happens to be a designer for Tollywood. He has many facets personified in multiple skills. He will be a great artist. Please find his first tattoo below.

Dinu Reddy -Hydrabad

Amy is a jovial, hard-working professional, now employed in one of the best hotels in Singapore. He is in Delhi to learn the art and take it up as a profession. He has done some modelling assignments; talented and creative are the two adjectives which will describe him the best.

@my – Kurukshetra

Jay Ree is a guy with style. He sketched a face on his jeans and that turned out to be Bob Tyrell’s portrait. He is exceptionally a fast learner. He is here to surprise all of us with his creativity. Please find his first ever tattoo.

Jay Ree(ITattoos) – Gurgaon – Dec’09

Manish is working with one of the buying houses in NCR. He is a very resourceful person. He wants to take tattooing as a hobby. Warm at heart, speaks when required and a very good friend.

Manish – Delhi

Rasanjyot assists one of the buying houses with his expert guidance. He is involved in checking the quality and giving inputs about the design. He wanted to explore more of his creative side. He wants to take up permanent tattooing as his part-time work. So far he has balanced tattooing and work very well. I wish him all the best for his future endeavors.

Rasan – Faridabad

Navneet is virtually a box full of ideas and creativity. She is decisive and does a great job with regards to paintings. She is a fast learner and will do an excellent job in the field of tattoos.
If you are an art lover, please contact me to purchase and admire her art pieces.
Please find  below her first ever tattoo.

Navneet -Delhi

Prem is from Bangalore. He is a CEO of a reputed security firm. He is a tattoo fanatic and sports 3 huge tattoos. His tattoos reflect a wonderful balance of strength and courage. His grace, skill and virtuosity enthralled everybody. Great  determination to learn the art. Please find tattoos doen by him.

Prem Menon -Bangalore

Devender works all day creating complex designs. He is interested in the art and wants to make a career out of it. I am floored with his creativity and dedication. Way to go. Please find tattoos done by him.

Devender(Ace Tattoos) -Delhi


Tarun has always been passionate about tattoos. He sports two tattoos on his body. He is young, energetic and ambitious. All the right qualities required to excel in the trade. Keep up the great work. Please find his first tattoo ever after the training.

Tarun – Delhi

Ruben is a dedicated permanent make up artist. She wants to enhance her skills by learning tattoos. She does tattoo in one of the best saloons of Chandigarh.
Hardworking and a good artist.

Ruben- Chandigarh

Sanjeev loves to generate artistic work with a paint brush. He is obsessed with tattoos and wants to open a studio in Gurgaon. He has done couple of modelling assignments too

Sanjeev Rohilla – Gurgaon

Sonu and his team run a call center. He is completely in love with tattooing and wants to learn it as a hobby. Sonu takes a lot of interest in the art and his desire to learn is tremendous.

Sonu(MJS Tattoos) – Tagore Garden

Dhir is working with an air-lines. He appreciates art and makes it a point to practise tattoos whenever he gets time. He now tattooes his friends. Humble and hard working person.
He likes travelling and has worked as a model on few assignments

DHIR – Haryana

Sam is an ardent lover of art. He has been a remarkable trainee. His sincerety towards art is commendable. Thats not all, he is a biker too, if you don’t believe me, send a request for his bike pic through blog section of the website! ……………………………………………Check out his work………….

SAM DE(Dragon Fly Tattoos) -From Delhi

Knowledge speaks and wisdom listens! Our Vitthal bhaiya comes with more than 15 years of experience in marketing, manufacturing industry. His fascination towards tattoo has brought him all the way from Udaipur

VITTHAL VAKRATUND(VS Tattoos) – From Udaipur

Mahesh is a sharp and quiet individual. He speaks less but when he participates; he makes others bite the dust. He is hard working and wants to be the best artist in the world. Way to go buddy.

Mahesh – From Hydrabad