We take great pride in our custom work and will provide you with an original design that is yours and yours alone.

When you choose from our thousands of pieces of flash art or a custom design; we will charge ₹750 for every square Inch. The minimum price for a small tattoo will be ₹ 1900.

We would charge ₹300 – ₹500 extra for custom work.

A prior APPOINTMENT  will be appreciated.

Please do not haggle over price; it is a gesture of dis-respect.


Minimum price for a Small- Black/Colored ₹1900/-
₹750 per.sq.inch. For example: A 3 inches long and 2 inches wide tattoo will be 6 Sq.Inches in size. Therefore, our price will be ₹750 x 6 = ₹4500/-

If you wish to get a tattoo from KD of Kdztattoos,

Price will be ₹1000 per sq.inch.

PIERCING PRICE LIST – Prices indicated are in INR

(All our piercings are with jewelry. They are safe and done with modern equipment s; keeping in mind the hygiene and comfort.

Ear – lobe 400/-
Tragus 1000/-
Conch 800/-
Industrial   1500/-
Helix 700/-
Chin   650/-
Labret 700/-
Nose 1000/-
Bridge 900/-
Vertical Bridge  900/-
Eye-Brow 650/-
Tongue 2000/-
Daith 1500/-
Nipple 1000/- each
Navel 1800/-
Septum 1800/-
Adult Piercing Upon discussion