Learn how to be an ideal client with our guide to 5 things your tattoo artist wishes you knew…

1. We’re artists, not mind-readers. For our friends out there still walking into the shop all “What do I get?” We see you. This one is for you baby. If you’re looking for a custom piece please oh please have an idea of what you want, accompanied by at least one reference. If you chose a professional and reputable tattoo studio chances are we are too occupied with serious clients (who already know what they want) to pull that vision you see “in your head” out onto paper. Help us out, and do a little homework. Artists typically respond best to visual. The faster we’re given that visual idea, the faster we’re all on the same page, the faster we can get you that drawing!

2. Be prepared to wait. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve watched a client flip out over a 2 hour wait at a walk-in shop. Patience is virtue. The tattoo industry is currently booming, and we all now have easy access to artists digital portfolio’s via Instagram. If you want a bad-ass piece by an in-demand tattooer, the chances of you popping in on your own time and being ushered into the chair immediately are pretty slim. Come with a book, or at the very least your phone charger, because you might be here for a while.

3. Take your restroom break before your session. Self explanatory.

4. Time-constraints work in no ones favor. If you’ve got more important places to be, or drinks with the bro’s in

5. We really hate haggling. Haggling is awkward. The same way you wouldn’t bargain for a sweet deal to have your appendix taken out, you shouldn’t bargain for tattoos. Tattoos are a luxury item. Be forthcoming about your budget from the beginning, so we can figure out how to accommodate you.

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